About LIRICO Group

LIRICO Group is a collective of industry experts brought together to simplify and expedite the adoption of digital textile printing technology.

We believe the largest obstacle to the adoption of digital textile printing technology is the availability of supplier neutral expertise to identify and manage the implementation of the optimum solution for a client.

Instead of relying on the development of internal knowledge and skills to oversee your investment, retain the LIRICO Group.

 Guiding and Managing the Implementation of Your Digital Textile Printing Workflow

 Industry/Vendor SWOT Analysis

 Opportunity Identification and Needs Analysis

 Print & Workflow Certification

 Web2Print Workflow Specification


Step 1 : We'll listen to you and build a needs analysis profile identifying your requirements.


Step 2 : Leveraging our vendor knowledge we'll identify those vendors that offer technology compatible with your project.


Step 3 : We'll ask all the questions necessary to ensure every identified vendors product delivers the functionality required.


Step 4 : We'll work with your team to manage the installation and training on all equipment, ensuring all vendors provide you with the skills necessay to be successful.


Step 5 : We'll provide you with a globally understood workflow certification quantifying quality, accuracy and repeatability.


Step 6 : Receive continued on-going support and advice allowing you to optimize your digital textile printing workflow performance.

Contact Us

We're based in the South East of the USA and conduct business globally.

Send us a message and we'll contact you personally to tell you more about the LIRICO Group team and how we can help you.